...Today I had my first $1000 day...

I have been working on this system for a couple years now. The first year was just a huge learning curve, as I had not really done anything with a computer besides check my bank account  and I had limited time to really devote myself to building- so I just stuck with it and tested as much as I could(small scale), always keeping track of results and then fine tuning as needed. Most of my tests were spread out amongst multiple networks so that I could diversify( *****'s age old wisdom ) as much as possible.
During that time I got myself a few books on PHP, Mysql, Linux etc.. and just started to study and work, slowly building up my knowledge of how these things all work together
(I still have a lot to learn but it has become much easier as time goes by).

This last year, I had more time to develop my EMPIRE and really start to scale it out (though it is still small compared to what I think I can build this coming year). My goal was to make $10 for every $1 I spent.

So to keep it simple and not write a book:

Today I had my first $1000 day (my daily cost-$30avg.)-along with that, my daily (profit) averages have started to rise quite a bit over the last few months.

The best and only real advice I can give, is to take every good idea that comes into this forum and attempt to code something similar yourself, instead of just paying for it and not fully understanding how it works. Take that knowledge, put it together with SSES, and the skies the limit.

I think I have learned something valuable from every active member on this forum, so along with a big THANK YOU to BHC team , I would like to THANK EVERYONE ELSE for their contributions to this community,
with a big WOOF to the DOG.

29 August 2019