Thanks Black Hat Cloaker team. for a great marketing tool, and to you all for your tremendous input and encouragement ...

Hi Everybody, 
and a very big thankyou. I have spent the last 3 months eating up every word you have typed! There is ALOT of info in their forum and it has helped me no-end to find answers to the questions I have/had regarding usage, promotion and optimization.

I thought at this point I would give something back to the team by way of a testimonial regarding my usage and success with the system.

First off, I have been a BHC user for about 3 months now  and have used this time to test and retest every aspect of blackhat marketing. It was something completely foreign to me and I had to learn from scratch (as I am sure most of you probably have).

The first month was a bit 'touch and go'. I registered about 20 domains, added them, then got cold feet after 2 weeks and deleted them all. I was just sure I was missing something major as the traffic was low, search engine robot visits infrequent, etc. I think that I probably would have given up at this point had it not have been for the encouragement of reading the $100 a day club posts over and over again!

 I decided to make a serious effort to get the ball rolling again. Added the domains, plus some more, sorted a basic template, etc and started again. Only this time with a clear strategy regarding how to make this work for me.

Here's what I have done...

1. I add about 2-3 domains per week. Traffic levels are still relatively low, but I have devised a technique for getting indexed within 12 hours now, and have not had a domain that is not indexed as yet. I operate a number of popular white hat sites, and I have also purchased a blog on a pr 7 site where I list each of the cloaked domains. This works wonders!

2. I have a nice mix of cj and clickbank affiliate links that I promote, and even with relatively low traffic I am now averaging about $60-90 per day in commissions. There is a trick to making money from clickbank sites that I have discovered --- look for niche products with LOW popularity. Get all the keywords related to the niche and build pages! It works... one cloaked site I have is currently #1 on google for the product name (bet that peeves the author off no end).

3. I have added a line to my robots.txt file to disallow cacheing, with no negative effect at all.

I also use cloaking to push traffic to adsense sites and other wh sites that I have built with good effect. Adsense is not a big earner as yet, about $8 per day but growing steadily and more than covers the cost of running the system.

I have just taken the plunge and purchased a relatively high spec dedicated server now, and hope to have sec up and running on it by the end of this week.

Am I happy with Black Hat Cloaker --- YOU BET!

My advice to anyone contemplating coming onboard is that the result is well worth the effort, but it does take time to build your presence. Operate with a clear and concise strategy and work the plan. Add new domains regularly, and find some good link partners.

Thanks Black Hat Cloaker team . for a great marketing tool, and to you all for your tremendous input and encouragement ... much appreciated.

15 May 2019