Cloaking is used in all manner of situations, some of them most people won’t even be aware of until it is pointed out to them. Let’s face it, the principal reason to use cloaking is to drive enormous qualified traffic to your web site in order to make serious profits. However, there are many different reasons why businesses use cloaking which is designed to be helpful or to standardize the user experience. Cloaking as a tool is like a car, you can drive it correctly and safely for all or you can drive it dangerously!


Cloaking, stealth or phantom page technology constitutes the most sophisticated and efficient approach towards search engine optimization. A mystique surrounding cloaking or stealth tech abounds, however, and confusion seems to rule the day.


Much of this obfuscation is deliberate: search engine optimization (SEO) being a highly profitable trade these days, many professionals tend to guard their “trade secrets” enviously.



Some reasons for using cloaking include:


  • To serve known search engine bots with content optimized for best results.

  • To hide the real keywords and text used for rankings from normal visitors.

  • To alter the identity of the site depending on who accessed it.

  • To protect the server and its contents from malicious bots or misuse.

  • To re-brand shared content depending on the domain name used to access it.

  • To limit the options available, depending on browser features or capabilities.

  • To iron out browser inconsistencies.

  • To serve relevant information to the user based on Operating System and/or browser.

  • To create a more personalized experience for the visitor.

Cloaking is perhaps more common than most people first think, and when you look at the whole picture it doesn’t seem as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s not so much whether or not you use it, but rather how you use it.”


Our Cloaking and Stealth Technology will drive tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of daily qualified visitors to your web site, dramatically increasing sales and your bottom line whilst significantly lowering your cost of marketing online.