I know that many here are looking at ways to boost their site quality / template quality. Be it for SEO reasons, or because of google preview. I figured it was probably a good time to put together a few tips and resources. First up, here is a landing page designer a couple of us here have used in the past from wickedfire. Really top quality work: http://www.infectisites.com/

Now, my second tip has to do with microformats. Some probably know the term, but for others, this is probably new. Microformats allow you to define specific data on your page and give it structure. The example I will use allows you to define a product name, price, and even reviews. You have all probably seen microformat tags in action in the SERPS, but may not have known what it was. Have you ever seen the listings in google that have stars and the number of reviews for a product? That isn't because the site doing it is special, that is there because they used microformat tags 

Link for microformat guide for products: http://www.google.com/support/webmas...&answer=146750

and for reviews: http://www.google.com/support/webmas...&answer=146645

The second one shows an example SERP. These are obviously going to catch a browsers eye and be more likely to get clicked. 

To see the tags integrated into a site, check jqueryboard.com. All of our domain parking domains have this built in 

Now, some of you actually scrape reviews for your sites, others do not. In order to get the stars to display along with the review info, you need to have reviews on the page. Now, a good test would be to see if they can determine a review from say an rss feed for example. Wrap the rss entries with the review microformat tags and see if you get listed that way .

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