What to do if the budget for the purchase of links is small or completely absent, but you want to get links to the site? Right, look for the opportunity to put a link for free. I offer you 29 ways to do it. 
We are interested in direct links without redirects, noindex, nofollow, not closed in robots.txt and other antiseo. "Direct" can be divided into two types: you can influence the anchor of the link and you can not influence it (bare URL or the text of the link is written by another person). 
The first type helps to move on demand, the second helps this indirectly - improves the indexing of the site, increases the credibility of the page, increases Tits and PR. 
Forums Profile
Remember what forums you are already registered on. Torrents.ru, a forum of your city, a forum of hamster lovers, professional forums. I’m sure there are not a few of them. Search the forums with high tits and pr through the search. 
In the vast majority of forum engines, you can put url in your profile, it will also be displayed in the general list of users. For a change, put a link not only to the main page, but also important internal pages. 
For better indexing of your link, leave 3-5 meaningful comments on new topics in the forum. So search bots will quickly detect your url. If the topic is attached at the top or for a long time keeps at the top of the list, then this will also be a step towards faster indexing.

Forum Signature
Already more complicated than url in profile. In many forums, the link in the signature is either completely banned or closed in noindex. First, look at someone's signature in the code page - is it closed to indexing? If not, create one. This is where old accounts come in handy - trust in them is a priori higher than for users who have just registered and have an openly secure link in their signatures. It’s used in professional forums that everyone has a link in their signature, and in city, sports and other forums your new account can be mistaken for spamming. 
The rest of the recommendations are the same - a few posts for better indexing. 

Link Exchange
Old-old way, but it still works. There were times when I used it as the main one. It is advisable not to change directly, but according to the scheme A - B - C, where A and C are your sites. C is the main site that you are promoting; A is the secondary site. The advantage is obvious: firstly, there is no interchange, and secondly, you do not put your white and fluffy C-site at risk by placing a directory for exchange there. 
If all the exchange will be direct, then carefully select the sites to which you will link. Do not put a link to explicit g-sites, do not place more than 10 links on one page and add subject links if possible. Then the chance to get sanctions will be minimal.
Databases of webmasters can be found on the Internet. But if you don’t find, I can send you mine. True, it is outdated - I myself have not practiced the exchange for two years now. 

Link from Google 
Do you want a link from the site with tic 64000? Easy. Go to Google Notebook http://www.google.com/notebook/, write text, put links, note in the settings that the entry is public. Next, link to the resulting page or add to Yandex eddurilku. And that’s it. Yandex indexes such pages quite successfully. 

Interesting stuff
Write an interesting article. Not even related to the theme of your resource. Especially attracting the attention of posts in the spirit: 100 facts about cats, 201 ways of suicide, 20 sure ways to become a millionaire, etc. At the end of the article, indicate the link to your site: either as a signature (First Name Last Name, name.ru), or as a source of inspiration or one of the items in the “list of references”. In the middle of the article, put an additional link - it can be a word, letter, period. Next, post an article in popular thematic communities. 
If you like your article, it will be copied to blogs, forums and splogs. Part of the copy-paste will be together with the links put by you. 


Bookmarking services 
Add your site to bookmarking services such as mister-wong.ru, bobrdobr.ru, etc. Most of them allow direct links. When adding, use both popular and unique tags. 

Exchange of articles 
Almost everything is the same as when exchanging links, only you have to write texts in the volume of 2500-4000 characters. It is important that you offer different articles for the exchange, at least rewrite. The best option is to create a thematic catalog where you can only take useful thematic unique articles. Thus, you also get free content. 

Blog Comments
The main rule - do not spam! Whoever has a blog that is at least somewhat popular will agree with me how terrible it is to delete tons of shit comments every day, manually approve normal ones, adjust filters, etc. Spammers have forced many bloggers to close the commenting home page in noindex, and make a link from the comment via redirect 
A blogger will not miss a link with a frankly spamming anchor. Write a meaningful detailed comment on the topic, indicate the url, and in the "name" field write exactly the name or nickname, and not "sale of apartments in Moscow". Then your comment will be approved without any problems. 


The principles are the same as for blogs. 

Contextual Link Exchange
An effective way to get a quality link. Put the link not in the directory, as in the usual exchange of links, but in the text of an existing article. Such a link looks more natural and is more favorably received by search engines. Again cross-exchange is possible. 

Site directories 
Registration in high-quality site directories and company directories where you can specify the site URL. We are talking about high-quality directories with moderation, a massive run through directories (especially a young site) can even have a negative effect.
Remember to submit an application to DMOZ.org. True, the application can be considered there for a year in some sections. If you really want your site to be in the catalog, become the editor of the category you need. Many of the lower-level branches require editors. There are also many unoccupied regional branches. Having received the rights to edit the section, you can add your sites to it quickly. Surprisingly, this path is often much faster. Verified by personal experience. 

Article directories 
Writing a bunch of unique articles for such directories is too irrational, but if there is one article, make rewrites from it and add it. 

Message Boards 
As with catalogs, choose quality boards. Make a normal description of the product or service that you offer.

Q & A service 
Use services like otvety.google.com and others. Search through the search for a question related to the subject of your resource and in the answer give a meaningful link to your site. If there is no such question, create it yourself. And write your own answer with a link. 

Product / service for recall 
Using the site, do you sell something or provide services? Agree with a popular blogger or thematic portal about testing it. You give a product or service, and for this you get an objective opinion about it, naturally with a link to your site. You can even try to negotiate an anchor link. In addition to the seo effect, you get direct transitions, which in this case is even more important.
Please note that the product / service must be proportionate to the level of popularity of the tester. Do not offer directories to leading SEO bloggers, but you can already offer expensive software. 

Gift for the link 
Arrange a promotion on the site: those who put a link on their blog during the week will receive a small gift from the number of products that you sell to you. Or, after purchasing a product, write a review about it, post it on your website and get a year of additional warranty. Or: post a link to us and get a VIP account for a month for free. 
There are many options, the main thing is that gifts should not be too burdensome for you. 

Industry Resources Articles
Write an article on the subject of your resource. If the article is interesting, it will be happy to publish an industry portal. The link is guaranteed to you, and some even pay a fee for articles. 

Site contests 
Participate in site contests. The Olympic principle operates - the main thing is not victory, but participation. Do not win, so get a link from the page "members". 

Viral link 
Any code that can be copied and pasted onto a website, blog, forum, social network. K The link to your site is assigned in the code. Viral content can be a picture, text, video, or a combination of them. Your task is for the user to copy the code and paste it to his site. Distribute through communities, clubs in the social. networks, etc.
An example of such a link would be the test results. About a year and a half ago, we did the test “Are you Emo?” The user answered 10 questions, the results showed a humorous answer and code to insert into the blog. People like tests, many added the result to themselves. The last line in the code was added “Test developed ...” and the two links we need. 

Informers and counters 
If you can offer users of the site informers. Exchange rates in the bank, the number of residents of your city, the environmental situation in the areas, traffic jams. Try to turn any unique and updated information that you possess into an informer.
Another option is to offer counters to your visitors. Examples: I am registered on this forum for 3 months, I have been in seo for 5 years, 4 months are left before my wedding. Any numbers related to the theme of your site. 

Social news sites 
Aggregator services like news2.ru. Link to your interesting articles - and get the link and clicks. 

RSS directories 
If you have RSS feeds on your site, add them to RSS directories. A dozen daily links to internal pages will help in indexing and catching up TIC and PR. 
Examples of such directories: 
1. http://www.kanban.ru/add.asp 
2. http://liverss.ru/ 
3. http://rssreader.ru/addfeed 
4. http: //www.plazoo. com / ru / addrss.asp 
5. http://www.ddconference.com/addfeed.html?catid=
//litecat.com/? Link = add 8.http: //www.rss.zelenkov.net/rss_add.php 9. http://prostir.kiev.ua/index.php?nma=blog&fla=add 
10. http://rssportal.ru/webmaster.php 
11. http://rss.ukrnews.net/reg.php 
12. http : //www.retranslator.ru/directory/add/ 
13. http://izzet.com.ua/index.php?nma=blog&fla=add 
14. http://www.zanetom.ru/addrss 
15. http : //rprw.ru/addsource.shtml 
16. http://linkstore.ru/linkstore/promote.jsp 
17. http://novost.org/index.php?zi=38&chp=...age&num=121 
18 . http://news.nofollow.ru/?page=addrss 
19. http://www.headlines.ru/site/addrss/ 
20. http://www.allfeed.net/addfeed.php 

Own resources
Trite, but do not forget to put links from your blogs and sites to the promoted resource! 

Ask a friend 
Ask friends to put a link to your site from their blog or add a link to the forum signature. 

Social services 
Two options are possible - a link in the profile (both url, and with a custom anchor) and a link from comments or a post. 
Get accounts on blog services and social services, communicate on them, thus pumping your account. The more friends, comments, popular posts you have, the more links to your profile. Therefore, your page will receive a greater PR and the link from it will be more authoritative.

To leave a link in a comment - it must be in the case. Otherwise, they will remove it or you will be mined. Wait for the desired topic. Everything is simpler with posts: on your blog you can put whatever you want, in collective links will go if the material is interesting to users. 
Thus, I repeatedly received the link, for example, from Habrahabr. The post went to the main page, many added it to bookmarks. The main thing is that the link does not look foreign in the post, it should be in the subject of the post. In addition to the seo effect, you will get good traffic, up to 4000 clicks in 3-5 days. 
Another trick in social services is to write a popular post without a link. When the majority of users read it and the post leaves the popular ones, edit the text and insert the link with the desired anchor. 

Hold a contest. One of the conditions for participation is a link to your site. 

Become a sponsor of the competition by offering your products and services as a prize. One of the conditions for participation is a link to your site. 

Attract attention 
Do something extraordinary that will attract the attention of the media and bloggers. Then they will write about you and put a link to the site. 

Press Releases 
Write a press release. There are many sites hosting free press releases of companies. 
Here are some of them: