Website promotion in our time is a mandatory procedure, without which it is impossible to achieve the popularity of the resource. When choosing a promotion strategy, one should not rush, but carefully consider everything, especially paying attention to some points.

First of all, it is worth soberly assessing your financial capabilities. You can promote the site aggressively by purchasing links and content in large quantities, but it will require considerable funds. Plus, with such rapid untwisting, there is a great chance that search engines will block the resource in their search results, therefore this strategy is called short-term. It is relevant for sites that are not required on an ongoing basis, and are needed for only a couple of months. For example, a beachwear store.In the summer it will be in frantic demand; in other seasons of the year it will be practically not in demand.

If a site is needed for a longer time, then a long-term strategy is chosen, which requires more precise budget planning and an assessment of opportunities. Do not try to swipe at the giant resources that are visited by millions of people. You are unlikely to be able to get around Wikipedia at the request of the "encyclopedia", no matter how much effort is spent. Evaluate your competitors, pay special attention to the sites of those who are at the same level with you. It is on them that it is worth being aligned, it is impossible to defeat the leader right away.

The next step will be the compilation of the semantic core of the site, as well as related query selection processes. Using the Wizard.Sape service, you can easily identify thematic popular low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency queries. This will help you understand which keywords should be used for the future content of the site. You can also use Vordastat, for example.

The focus should be on purchasing links. The arithmetic is simple: the more links lead to your resource, the higher its popularity in the eyes of search services, therefore, the position in the search results. In order not to personally search for sites where you can buy links, the Wizard service offers you a convenient tool for automating this process. An indicator is that Wizard works with Sape, the largest link exchange. You can also send your resource here for audit, and recommendations on how to get a place in the TOP-10 and keep it, choose the promotion strategy that suits you.