Cloaking, The Mechanics

Cloaking, stealth or phantom page technology constitutes the most sophisticated and efficient approach towards search engine marketing for driving tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site daily.


“Industrial-Strength Cloaking” (or IP Delivery) in the strict sense of the term, is conducted on separate sites: one “Shadow Domain” (SD) and one “Core (or: Main) Domain” (CD), the latter being the one you’d direct your human visitors to.

Cloaking Mechanics Switch 1

It’s only the search engine spiders that will be fed the cloaked domain’s content – and, hence, only the SD’s ranking will be affected by cloaking efforts. What’s important to note is that because the spiders won’t be redirected, there will be no redirection for them to detect and, hence, no penalization.


As you can see, search engine spiders and human visitors are treated differently when accessing a cloaked web site: while the search engine will be fed an optimized cloaked (or “phantom”) page, the human visitor will be redirected to a normal, human readable page.


To understand the precise mechanics of this procedure, please bear in mind that keyword switches and cloaked or phantom pages will normally come in tandem: i.e. the switch file “keyword1.htm” will read the optimized phantom page “keyword1.html” (note the different file extensions!) to the spider, whereas the human visitor will be redirected to, say, “section1.html” which itself may or may not be related to the keyword in question. (Obviously, if it is not, this qualifies for spamming and may easily get you banned from search engine submission, which is why we can only advise against it.)


To illustrate this process, here’s another diagram:

 Cloaking Mechanics Switch 2


There are another, fundamentally different approaches in which the Switch will, for example, redirect both the search engine spider and the human visitor to different pages each. Alternatively, both spiders and humans might be fed with relevant pages without being redirected.