Cloaking “The Basics” Search Engine Optimization

Cloaking, stealth or phantom page technology constitutes the most sophisticated and efficient approach towards search engine marketing for driving tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site daily.


However, before deciding on whether cloaking, as a search engine marketing strategy is right for your online business, a basic understanding of how this time proven technique works is a must. Once the mechanics are understood, it is easier to accept the benefits and how it will catapult your online business.


As with any SEO or SEM method, you will often hear many different versions of the facts. We will provide you with a firm understanding of the mechanics of cloaking, as an online strategy for achieving enormous qualified traffic, and dispel all the myths and rumors which typically accompany any successful SEO or SEM strategy feared by the search engines.


“Industrial-Strength Cloaking” (or IP Delivery) in the strict sense of the term, is conducted on separate sites: one “Shadow Domain” (SD) and one “Core (or: Main) Domain” (CD), the latter being the one you’d direct your human visitors to. It’s only the search engine spiders that will be fed the cloaked domain’s content – and, hence, only the SD’s ranking will be affected by such efforts.


We drive page 1-2 rankings by generating loaded context pages based on linguistic frequency parameters, keyword density optimization algorithms, extensive real life search terms analysis and proprietary cloaking and dynamic page generation techniques using software we have developed in-house.


We register between 50 to 300 root domains related to the primary core domain and then create thousands of sub-domains resulting in massive campaigns of between 5,000 to 30,000 web sites, or Shadow Domains™ as we term it. These stealth sites will consist of hundreds of thousands of highly optimized and so called, Phantom Pages™.


The campaign build is then fully driven by the all important SEO phase. This includes an exceptionally aggressive back linking program of up to 120,000 backlinks each day plus proprietary backlink linkjuice boosting techniques, ensuring high traffic grabbing rankings of your Phantom Pages™!


Our 3D Context Delivery™ works by generating artificial context fine-tuned for search engines’ indexing requirements and then feeding this optimized material to search engine spiders.


We term it “3D” because the Shadow Domains™ generated will actually consist of inter linked pages based in content upon each other: hence, the illusion of a “real life” domain as perceived by automated search engine programs – leading to highly optimized rankings even in extremely competitive areas.


Human visitors will be directed back to our client’s primary web site in real time; with absolutely no delay – no annoying “click thru” links for visitors to use, no delay due to slow loading JavaScript applets or refresh meta tags, which are normally penalized by search engines anyway.


We use powerful customized security servers plus state of the art operating system modules to achieve this free from delays and system performance.