Every day I hear  members asking myself or other members, "What is the secret"? Well, i'm here today to lay it out. The secret to making money online, or anywhere else is "stop getting caught up in the bullshit". Work.... That's it.

There are members here that pm me every few days, weeks, whatever asking if things have calmed down. The story is always the same. I'm just waiting until things calm down before I build again.

Guess what? You are missing out on money every day you waste with that mentality. While you are over there reading blogs and worrying about 6 months down the road, the smart guys here are taking all of your potential money away from you by working. You know the guys on here that jump in sometimes and say "shut the fuck up and build", or just build every day? Those are some of our top earners. Why? Because they don't sweat the details.

They just work. Server stops performing well? Ditch it and get a new one. Merchant stops paying as well? Move on to another one. That is the difference between the people that make it and the people that don't. Know when to move on with a concept. I often hear, "the same thing i've been doing for two years doesn't seem to work as well today". No shit, things change. It's the internet. Experiment, move on, or die and let someone else take your money. 

I know, i'm a dick, but guess what? I make a lot of money online, and I am here working on a Saturday. Why? Because you are the only person you can rely on at the end of the day when it comes to making money. No one else is going to do it for you. You have the tools in front of you, and you have almost unlimited knowledge on the forum here. Do something with it, and do it today, not a week from now, not a month from now, and certainly not when you think "things have calmed down". 

Black Hat Cloaker